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Civil Engineering Services

Site Design & Stormwater Engineering Services


Grading & Stormwater Permitting

Township Grading + Stormwater Permits

Erosion & Sedimentation Control Permits

PA DEP & NPDES Permits

Runoff and Erosion Control Permits (RECP)

Pool Permits

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Site Development

Subdivision + Lot Consolidation Permits

Site Development Design Plans

Drainage & Flood Studies and Analysis

Sanitary Sewer Design

DEP Sewer Planning Modules


Construction Services

Stormwater Inspections

Construction Sequencing

Construction Administration Services

Experience & Innovation in Land Development

Specializing in the Townships along the Main Line and surrounding areas, our team has the expertise to take your project through the engineering design process for township and state permitting.


Our team's design philosophy combines high-end landscape design with regulatory compliance through the use of stormwater and grading practices to emphasize natural features that blend into the land.

Stormwater Design

Our design philosophy starts by combining site grading with minimalistic surface features to achieve the desired stormwater management needed. Evaluating both traditional and new-to-the-market stormwater management solutions, we can offer effective runoff control and infiltration that doesn't leave an open basin in the front yard of your project. We evaluate multiple of these options on every project we design to find the right balance between aesthetics and value, while meeting all local and state regulations for BMP design.

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Private Homeowners

Developing your property or putting an addition on your home can be a complicated process that covers township zoning, state stormwater runoff controls, and conservation districts' recharge requirements.


We will walk you through the different constraints of every project, and help you understand the reasoning behind both our decisions and different options we can explore for your project.

Builders & Developers


Whether it is NPDES permits, waiver requests, exemptions, or zoning modifications are on the table, our team has the experience to set accurate timelines, work with township departments, and has the relationships with reviewers and state agencies to make sure your project is done right the first time.

We work closely with our builder and developer clients, providing project status updates and presentations to design teams and homeowners alike. We know your relationship with your contractors and clients rely on centralized information, and we will work with you to get the information you need when you need it through the life of your projects.


Our team can guide you and your project through the regulatory and permitting process at the state, county, and township levels.

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