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Professional Land Surveying Services

Professional Land Surveying & Land Development Service


Professional Land Surveying

Boundary Surveys

Topographic Surveys

ALTA /ACSM Surveys

Insurance Claims

Flood Elevation Certificates


Site Land Development

Drone Photogrammetry Surveys

Subdivision + Lot Consolidation Permits

Site Development Planning

Land Strategy Consulting

Development Feasibility Studies


Construction Surveying Services

Construction Stake Out

As-Built Surveys

Hydrographic + Volumetric Surveys

Foundation & Footer As-Builts

Construction Loan Documention

Experience & Innovation in Land Surveying

Our surveying team has been working together for over 20 years in southeast Pennsylvania. With over a century of combined experience, our team brings professionalism and efficiency to all of our clients.

Schock Group is proud to run multiple survey crews on a daily basis, giving our field teams the flexibility and capacity to handle time-sensitive jobs and provide reliability to all our clients.

We work directly with both Homeowners & Builders

Our team will walk you through the process and requirements for your property or project from the start. Contact us today and we'll find the best way to help you, whether that's a simple boundary survey or a full ALTA survey. We offer a variety of services that we will walk you through and provide all your options up front.

Boundary Surveys &
Land Development Permitting

Developing your property or putting an addition on your home can be a complicated process that covers township zoning, state stormwater runoff controls, and conservation districts' recharge requirements.


We will walk you through the different constraints of every project, and help you understand the reasoning behind both our decisions and different options we can explore for your project.

Construction Layout

Providing critical stage surveying services and stakeouts to the commercial and residential sectors, we can provide your crews with the information they need right when they need it.

Building Layout

Foundation Layout & Footer Locations

Building Setback Stakeout

Grading Stakes

Grading & Plot Plans for Construction Permits

Construction Drone Services


Our team can guide you and your project through the regulatory and permitting process at the state, county, and township levels.

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